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Promo code for the Bonus. Accrued when you enter the code.

Start today and get $ 10 000.00 bonus.

Start today and get $ 10 000.00 bonus.

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Promo code for the Bonus. Accrued when you enter the code.
Terms and conditions

General provisions

  • The Bonus30 (further called "the Bonus") is a bonus which is charged on the amount of deposited money of the Client's trading account. The Bonus money will be transferred to the account immediately after the deposit sum is transferred.
  • The promo code allows you to receive 30% bonus on the deposit amount.
  • The promo code can be used only to deposit from $ 100.00 and more.
  • The maximum Bonus amount for this promo code is $ 10 000.00.
  • One Client can use this promo code only 5 times.
  • The Bonus can be received only to the account of the Client, who has passed the complete verification (E-mail, phone number, name and address).
  • The Bonus can’t be received by an internal transfer between the Client's trading accounts.
  • The Bonus can’t be received on Manager's accounts.
  • Affiliate reward (commission) can’t be accrued on the trading volume made using the bonus funds.
  • Clients participating in the bonus program should take into account paragraph 6.6. “Terms of use”: "The Company corrects balances in the accounts with a fixed negative value in the “Balance” column in the trading terminal right after negative balance arises.".

Funds withdrawal

  • The profit received from trading using Bonus and own funds can be withdrawn from the account immediately.

Working with the Bonus

  • With active Bonuses all account funds are divided into 2 parts: own funds (the amount of deposits and withdrawals excluding Bonuses, as well as the profit received from trading) and bonus funds (the sum of all active bonuses).
  • Investizo reserves the right to reduce the Bonus in proportion to the account balance if the Client loses part of own funds as a result of trading.
  • Bonus funds can be used as an additional margin, trading only with the Bonus is prohibited. In case the Client completely loses own funds during trading, the Bonus will be debited.
    Attention! If after closing an order(s) a negative balance is formed on the Сlient's account, the Сlient can always contact the technical support service to correct the balance, during the correction the resulting minus will be liquidated.
  • 'Credit Stop Out' is valid on the trading account with extra (bonus) funds.
    – 'Credit Stop Out' occurs if the Equity is less than the Bonus sum.
    – The current state of the account is controlled by the server, which, in the event of 'Credit Stop Out' generates an order for the forced closing of positions. Credit Stop Out is executed at the current market price in the order of the general queue of client orders.

Requirements, writing off, and cancellation of the Bonus

  • The validity period of the Bonus from the moment it is transferred to the trading account is 3 months. The Bonus credited to the account can be used in trading or withdrawn from the account during the specified period, after which the Bonus will be debited from the trading account. If the Client receives another Bonus before the expiration of the Bonus, the validity period will be extended by 90 days.
  • Until the Bonus is worked out when the Client withdraws own funds or transfers them to another account, the Bonus decreases in proportion to the balance of the account. When withdrawing own funds or part thereof from the trading account that received the Bonus, Investizo has the right to cancel the Bonus for this trading account.
  • The Client has a right to transfer Bonus and/or trading result on Bonus amount to his balance at any time. Such transfer may be done partially. In order to transfer part of Bonus and trading result on Bonus amount Client has to meet volume requirements. For every 1 USD of Bonus or/and trading result on Bonus amount, the Client must complete 30% of lots. It means that the Client is allowed to transfer 3.33 USD of credit for every 1 completed lot.
    Deposit - $ 1 000.00
    Bonus - 50%
    Bonus amount - $ 500.00
    Number of lots (in standard lots) to work out - 150
  • When counting lots, you must consider: all volumes for trading instruments with cost of point other than cost of point for EURUSD will be converted to volume for EURUSD.
    Example: Cost of point for 1 lot EURUSD is equal to 1$. Cost of point for 1 lot USDJPY is equal to 0.8932$. Volume for USDJPY will be counted with coefficient 0.8932
  • When working out the Bonus, only trading with own funds (without bonus funds) is taken into account.
  • The following are not taken into account when calculating the total volume of closed positions:
    – positions made on the account before the Bonus was transferred
    – positions accounted for to work out another Bonus
  • If Investizo suspects any use of "bonus hunting" strategies and schemes or any other fraudulent actions and activities related to the Bonus in the Client's trading strategy, the company reserves the right to make corrections to the result of trading operations.
  • Part of the trading result made using the bonus funds will be cancelled. The reason for revising the result can be insufficient trading activity on the account, such as the execution of one large transaction or several transactions with a smaller volume, executed at about the same time and at similar prices, which is a splitting of a large transaction into smaller ones. As a rule, such accounts do not have a sufficient trading history. If such transactions are discovered, the company can also withdraw the bonus at any time without prior notice.
  • Investizo reserves the right to request additional identification information from the Client. In case of refusal to provide such information, as well as refusal to provide documents for verification of the Client’s identity and address, Investizo has the right to cancel the Bonus, as well as cancel the results of all transactions made using the bonus funds.

Please note

Please note that Investizo reserves the right at any time and without any explanation or reason to deny the Client the Bonus or cancel (write off from the account) the Bonus transferred earlier, as well as cancel the results of all transactions made using bonus funds. Investizo can change the conditions for receiving and using bonus promo codes at any time without any special notice. The Bonus program conditions are considered accepted by the Client from the moment the promo code is activated.