Get a Bonus from Investizo

Complete tasks, trade, get profit. Fund your account and transfer the profit and bonus to the balance with each transaction.

The Welcome Bonus +100$

No deposit bonus consists of four parts.

+20$ Bonus for registration
+40$ Bonus for profile verification
+20$ Bonus for downloading terminal

How to start earning money trading CFD's with Investizo?

Terms of action


General Terms

1.1 The Welcome Bonus is a bonus offered by Investizo LTD. (herein ‘the Company’) to its new registered Clients under the following terms.
1.2 By registering in client’s cabinet, the Client acknowledges that he/she has read and agreed these Terms and Conditions. 
1.3 The promotional period for Welcome Bonus shall run from the effective date: August 14, 2023, onwards. There is no time limit for the completion of the volume requirements. 
1.4 The Company reserve the right to the refuse offering of the Welcome Bonus at its sole discretion without any explanation. In such cases, company will not be able for any direct or indirect losses that results out of a Welcome Bonus cancellation and/or removal. 
1.5 The Client is allowed to participate in Welcome Bonus promotion only once. It is prohibited to register another Client’s profile on the same name. 
1.6 If the Company suspects that a Client has abused or attempted to abuse a Welcome Bonus promotion, then the Company reserves the right to deny, withhold or withdraw from that Client full size of credited bonus and terminate that Client’s access to the service and block that Client’s Account. 
1.7 The Welcome Bonus promotion only applies to Standard Real and ECN Real accounts. Demo accounts are not allowed to participate in this promotion. 
1.8 The Welcome Bonus consists of 4 (four) parts: 
  • Bonus for registration  - 20 (twenty) USD
  • Bonus for profile verification - 40 (fourty) USD 
  • Bonus for account opening - 20 (twenty) USD
  • Bonus for downloading terminal - 20 (twenty) USD
1.9 Bonus for registration only applies on new registration in Client’s cabinet 
1.10 Bonus for profile verification only applies on full profile verification consisting of:
  • verification of email
  • verification of phone
  • verification of identity
  • verification of address 
1.11 Client has the right to trade on bonus amount and generate profit, account balance will be blocked for withdrawal and internal transfer.
1.12 Welcome Bonus and profit from trading on bonus amount can be unlcocked for withdrawal, once deposit and volume requirments are met.   
1.13 To withdraw bonus amount and  profit from trading on bonus amount, the Client has to make the first deposit in amount of 100 USD. Once deposit is done, Welcome Bonus amount and profit from trading on bonus amount will be transfered to Credit, which can be converted into balance with every completed trade on the conditions described in the section 2. 
1.14 The Client acknowledges that profit from trading on Welcome Bonus amount will be transferred to Credit once the first deposit is done. 
1.16 The Company has the right to amend, alter or terminate this Welcome Bonus promotion at its sole discretion, and any time without notice. 

1.17. Any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by the Company Management in a fair manner.

Operational Terms

2.1 All opened trades will be closed at current market price once the first deposit is done. Welcome Bonus and profit from trading on it will be converted to Credit. Credit amount is gradually unlocked for withdrawal with every trade.
2.2 The validity period of the bonus from the moment it is transferred to the trading account is 3 months. The bonus credited to the account can be used in trading or withdrawn from the account during the specified period, after which the bonus will be debited from the trading account. If the Client receives another bonus before the expiration of the bonus, the validity period will be extended by 90 days.
2.3 The Client has a right to transfer bonus and/or trading result on bonus amount to his balance at any time. Such transfer may be done partially. In order to transfer part of bonus and trading result on bonus amount Client has to meet volume requirements. For every 1 USD of bonus or/and trading result on bonus amount, the Client must complete 30% of lots. It means that the Client is allowed to transfer 3.33 USD of credit for every 1 completed lot.
2.4 When counting lots, the Client must consider: all volumes for trading instruments with cost of point other than cost of point for EURUSD will be converted to volume for EURUSD.
Example: Cost of point for 1 lot EURUSD is equal to 1$. Cost of point for 1 lot USDJPY is equal to 0.8932$. Volume for USDJPY will be counted with coefficient 0.8932
2.5 When working out the bonus, only trading with own funds (without bonus funds) is taken into account.
2.6 The following are not taken into account when calculating the total volume of closed positions:
2.7 If Investizo suspects any use of "bonus hunting" strategies and schemes or any other fraudulent actions and activities related to the bonus in the Client's trading strategy, the company reserves the right to make corrections to the result of trading operations.
2.8 Part of the trading result made using the bonus funds will be cancelled. The reason for revising the result can be insufficient trading activity on the account, such as the execution of one large transaction or several transactions with a smaller volume, executed at about the same time and at similar prices, which is a splitting of a large transaction into smaller ones. As a rule, such accounts do not have a sufficient trading history. If such transactions are discovered, the company can also withdraw the bonus at any time without prior notice.