The Investment system

Working with the Investment system, you get the opportunity to simplify the trading process itself, minimize your own potential risks, and also share your trading experience to get additional profit.

The Investment system
What is an Investment Account? What is an Investment Account?

What is an Investment Account?

An Investment Account is a form of trust management that allows traders and investors to combine into a single account and share the profits among themselves under mutually beneficial terms. In simple words, it is a solution for investors to earn without trading. As an Investor, you invest your money in traders' accounts, and a trader as a Manager receives a profit reward for managing these investments.

For investors

How to start earning?

Open a trading account and deposit funds in any convenient way for you.

Select an Investment Account from the rating.

Invest and control the funds on your investment account from your Members Area.

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For managers

How to become a Manager

Register with Investizo if you haven't already done so.

Open an Investment account, set your manager's capital, and transfer the respective amount from your transitory account.

Set the terms of the proposal according to which you will be accepting investments on your Investment account and start trading.

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